Friday, December 15, 2017

Don't Like Mums.


    This painting is not finished. I started it two weeks ago before " Downtown Fort Myers, Early Morning", the first acrylic landscape I've done maybe since high school. So far, I don't really like this. It's oil on panel, big, 29"x27".  Going to sit it around the studio for awhile until some inspiration comes along. The background is terrible. Plus, I don't actually like mums but I got to the farmers market just before closing and these are all they had. It's said that a painter should be able to make a good painting from anything but I think it helps if you like what you see.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Down Town Ft Myers, Early Morning


   Can't believe it's almost Christmas. Haven't painted or posted since Sept. 3.  Have not even picked up a paintbrush since then.  First off  hurricane Irma sent us to my sisters in Fredericksburg Va. She was kind to put us up AND our two cats which have never traveled but they were great. (meaning they didn't run away.) It was a good time. Since then, there was the cleanup. Debris from trees everywhere. You would not believe the mounds of tree refuse lining the streets.We had very little damage, a fence down which Joe replaced new and three leaning palm trees. We straightened two with ropes and stakes and so far it's working well. We're going to try the last one this weekend. It's a monster but pretty and has coconuts. Seems a shame to cut it down. It's hanging over the roof.
    I've been finding lots of things to do beside paint. Put in a new garden with a slew of plants people have given me, black dirt and 35 bags of mulch. I'd like to have the entire garden in but I am waiting for the pool project to finish. Been waiting since last February when we signed the contract. I had heard construction is slow in Florida but REALLY??? Don't get me started.
    This painting was done with acrylic for a change. I forgot how much I liked it. Haven't worked in it since the 90's. I also used graphite and vine charcoal and fixed it with sprayed gloss medium. Trying to combine drawing and painting. I don't know where this is going but I'm going to give it some time. It's got me charged up about painting again.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Sunday, September 3, 2017

View from the Road

   Here's another view of Acadia Park. This one's really green, but then the park is really green. It looks a lot like upper Michigan with boulders everywhere. And bigger trees.
   This painting is on canvas on Masonite. I like making my own panels and have learned one major thing. If you're going to make them, research the common sizes (at Michael's or wherever) before you cut. That's better than having to order a custom frame at a crazy exorbitant price. This painting is 20"x 24". DUH!

Sunday, August 27, 2017


   Our vacation was really nice. We visited relatives in Bangor Maine. Saw Portland, Bar Harbor, little towns along the coast and Acadia National park.  It's really beautiful up there. You can understand why so many American artists lived or vacationed there. Everywhere you look there's a painting waiting. I did a lot of sketching and have two more paintings under painted and ready to be worked on.
   This painting was a view in the park. (Which is 100 years old this year.) The challenge here is to make the greens interesting. Every time I start a summer landscape, I relearn mixing green. I even go to YouTube and watch videos. This time I learned about black and yellows making green. Who knew?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Long Haul

        I have been in a real painting slump. This painting was posted to Instagram almost two weeks ago and I haven't painted since then. I don't have any ideas or any drive to paint. It's a real block. In the meantime, I've been doing some homey creative things like making pillows , embroidering pillow cases and gardening.  We're going on a small vacation in a week so maybe I'll get charged up again. 
        This is a big painting- 32x32 with lots of texture and  felt dots. I really enjoyed working on it and am thinking of doing another version in gray and chrome yellow.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


   These flowers were from the farmers market in Ft Myers. I'm not crazy about how this turned out. Not really finished but I can't work it any more. Needed to get over it so I can move on.
   Spent several hours over the weekend shoveling two yards of orange gravel into my landscape. You can only work outside here from 8:30 to about 11 am. It gets so hot. And drink tons of water.  I've moved a lot of gravel for landscapes in my life. Lets just say the shovel loads are getting smaller and I used a little garden cart instead of a cement wheelbarrow. But, the job is done. I do love a good garden project.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pink Elephant

   Moving along on the acrylic abstract thing. I've discovered lots of new techniques with the paint. It's all about experimenting endlessly. I bought three books on techniques and there's always the internet where you can see demonstrations. I'm trying things out on small panels but the paintings are large- 24x 30 or so. This I love.
  Abstract is more about the act of making. Takes me back to my batik dyeing, stitching and quilting days. No stress just play. But I'm also continuing to work in oil because there's a lot of wait time while the gel mediums dry. (a day sometimes.) Got another big flower thing going- so much fun.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Done or Not Done

     This one I actually like. It's been through several re-paints and I learned something in the process. I found out the re-painting is one way you can do this. The trick is to plan the re-painting.