Friday, May 19, 2017

For Me??

   Joe gave these beautiful roses for Mother's Day. How timely. Just when I needed my annual large flower painting.
   Such a change for me. Everything. Underpainting first. Large canvas, lots more paint. I used the large boar bristle brushes I used in the 90's to slop paint around before I got serious. They were rejected for synthetic over the last few years. Like visiting old friends. I believe in taking really good care of my brushes. A day of painting has three phases for me. Setting up( sometimes just my mind) and mixing paint. Then I go do something else. Laundry, defrost dinner, clean something bla bla. Then paint 3-5 hours. Then clean up. Takes about an hour to tidy my palette and clean brushes. Sometimes I use 10 or 15 on even a small painting. Wish this could be every single day!

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