Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Opulence Marina

   Hope everyone had a great holiday. I went to Ft. Myers Beach on Sunday and it was PACKED. But a beautiful day. This area has lots of really great beaches. And the Gulf is actually warm this time of year through fall. I swam in it three times. This from a person who always says it has to be 89* and crystal clear to get in. Fun time.
   This painting is from a plein air trip to one of the marinas around here. Most you have to know someone to get in. Really different from Michigan.

Friday, May 19, 2017

For Me??

   Joe gave these beautiful roses for Mother's Day. How timely. Just when I needed my annual large flower painting.
   Such a change for me. Everything. Underpainting first. Large canvas, lots more paint. I used the large boar bristle brushes I used in the 90's to slop paint around before I got serious. They were rejected for synthetic over the last few years. Like visiting old friends. I believe in taking really good care of my brushes. A day of painting has three phases for me. Setting up( sometimes just my mind) and mixing paint. Then I go do something else. Laundry, defrost dinner, clean something bla bla. Then paint 3-5 hours. Then clean up. Takes about an hour to tidy my palette and clean brushes. Sometimes I use 10 or 15 on even a small painting. Wish this could be every single day!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


    This is the first painting I did using the new idea of underpainting. I haven't finished it because I have moved on. This means I've had a brainstorm about how I want to paint. Again. It came from the underpainting I just tried. I never want to paint this tight again.
    Painting, for me has to be about the merging of the image and the paint. No thought process in between. Underpainting lays the whole thing out beforehand. Your thinking about the piece, the decisions, can be done ahead of time. Then all you do is paint. Perfect. I think. I just finished the next painting working like this. Very happy. WHY did I not try this before??? Oh well. Things come around in life when they're ready.

Monday, May 8, 2017

New Idea

   This is underpainting. I have never tried this and I really don't know why. The idea is to block everything in, especially the lights and darks, let it dry and then start painting in color. I learned about this in college and some painters show this stage of their painting on Instagram. Why I have never tried it, I don't know. But the other day I said "what the hell" give it a try. And I am painting on 
18"x  24" canvas. Wowie! the biggest thing in recent years.

Friday, May 5, 2017

County Fair

   This has been hanging around my studio since 2015. I drew it in and couldn't bring myself to paint it because I thought it was too hard. Can't say how many times it was on the easel and never had one spot of paint applied. So glad it's finished. I'm happy with it.
   Painting around others seems to be very good for me. I'm challenging myself to try different things. This week I really went out on a limb. More to follow on that. My advice is, if you're stuck, find a painting group. (Or writing or photography or woodworking, whatever, group)