Friday, April 28, 2017

Beach Dudes

  This reference picture was taken from the bridge at Ft Myers Beach. I took a lot of pictures that day, people on bikes or beach carts. Now I realize the perspective is a little wacky because the view is looking down on the subject.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Coffee Talk


So, I am really happy with this painting also. It's funny how if you don't paint for awhile then go back to it, it seems like you have learned a thing or two. IDK if that makes sense but it has happened to me a few times in my life. I have been drawing in my sketch book a lot, practicing maybe. I definitely think these figures have improved over the ones I've posted in the past. What do you think???

Monday, April 24, 2017

Waiting on the Wife


   I took the pic for this painting at a small historic town on an island off Cape Coral, FL. The name is Matlacha  or Mat Lashay as we know it. Basically,  its very old, small fishing cottages that have been painted bright colors and turned into restaurants, tchotchke and art stores. It was a fishing village until the early 1990's when a ban on gill net fishing went into effect. One night the fishermen set fire to their boats after shooting holes in them in protest of the ban. The fire was seen all the way to Ft. Myers. That was the end of commercial fishing in Matlacha.
   This was an experiment on canvas on cardboard. Trying to stay loose, use more color, think less, dive right in. I liked it.  It's also bigger than I usually paint. I'm starting another one today.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Riverland 2

This was started at Riverland nursery and finished from photos. I tried to capture the feeling of the sun shining around this doorway. Didn't get it. I may return to this one after I think about it a bit.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

An Opportunity

I'm the artist of the month at the Artists League of Fort Myers. I was surprised to have someone hang these for me, not what I was used to. But it was good to figure out how I want to frame my work. I don't really like frames especially the very decorative type. Simple, that's what I want. I bought student grade plastic frames and spray painted them. Basically a holder for the wire. 
The unfinished paintings are piling up. This week I'm going to tune up my blog page and try to put new effort into daily painting. Going with a group once a week and producing an unfinished work isn't getting it. Need to recommit and get going.