Monday, March 6, 2017

Edison's Walkway


    First painting in forever. Over a month actually. I started this on a trip to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates with my painting group. It's a huge tourist attraction here in Ft. Myers. The two men built vacation homes next to each other on the same stretch of the Caloosahatchee River. You can look into the buildings and workshop, walk all over the property by yourself or take the guided tour. Thomas Edison imported plants and trees from all over the world which makes the grounds very interesting. I'm going back in a few weeks. Third time.
    Painting's not going too well right now. We're redoing the new house a room at a time. Joe does most of the hard work but I do what I can. I'm good at cutting in ceilings. I repainted the trim (walnut) on the kitchen cabinets. A duvet for the guest room and new slipcovers for the living room chairs are next on the list. There's a few pieces of furniture to be refinished. And, of course a new garden is an ongoing project. I'm reworking a cinder block walkway around the back of the house. Love that working outside.

   Why anyone would put wood strips on this great Formica, I don't know. This is all I can do for now but maybe resurfacing is in their future. Now what can I do with the tile back splash?

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