Sunday, January 29, 2017

Alley @ 9am

The heart of Old Ft. Myers is a square with shops and restaurants all around. Some spaces are the back doors of the shops on the side streets. These are back doors in an obscure corner but I was drawn to the  strong shadow. Also, I really need to work on buildings and perspective. This was the simplest view I could find on this trip with my painting group.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Tin City


    This painting is from our camping trip to the Florida Keys at Christmas. We've been going there for years. Always have a good time but, this year was especially sweet because last year at this time Joe was trying hard to die. A bonus this time for me was knowing I would be home in five hours instead of three days. We even went home at Christmas to be with our daughter. ( Who also moved to Ft. Myers.) Next year we will go in January.
    I tried to depict the feeling of being  in a space where many people, families dwell together. Some campers decorate their spot around the outside.You  see all kinds of crazy stuff/crap. And at Christmas it's all enhanced with lights. Gotta love camping.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Last Fall


     A last. A finished painting. It's been a month since I posted. I think I'm actually back to a place where I can paint daily. I Hope**** Joe made a beautiful new studio for me and it's finished. We're back from our Florida Keys vacation. Our new home is still a mess but we're settled in and it is all very good. We don't have an intensive agenda to renovate. We're going to get to everything sooner or later. It's all about the journey yada yada.
    I have five unfinished paintings now. Two from the Keys, two from outings with my new painting group and this one which I just finished. Fall in Michigan. So beautiful. Clean, crisp air. Soft breeze. Memories of  encounters with nature going back to my childhood thanks to my old man, the sportsman. Poignant. That's the word for it.