Monday, August 29, 2016

Local Park


Yesterday, we had to leave our house for an hour so prospective buyers could go through it. We went to Seven Lakes Park and I took pics and scouted for spots to paint. I intended to go back today to paint but it was grey most of the day. I did this from the photo. Tomorrow, if it's sunny, I'm going back to paint this spot. It will be interesting (for me at least) to see the difference. I hope there's a big improvement. This is awful!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Four O'clock

This is the corner of my pool.  It's very small,  I put it in 4 years ago. It's like a pond in my front yard. This pot of flowers is the railing to help you get in. The sunlight at four o'clock is beautiful.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August's Flowers


These are what's blooming in my garden right now. My grossly neglected garden. I should call it what it is. The abandon garden. I didn't do anything out there this year. It's turned to solid weeds. Some huge stands of flowers like bergmont and Mexican hat have dwindled to just a few blooms. Lack of love. That and I didn't take care of things in the spring, fertilising, splitting, spraying for bugs. I'm not at all sad or missing it because it's such a mess. Maybe the next people will love it--r plow it under.
Could have spent more time on this but it was supposed to be quick and loose.As it is it went unfinished for three days. I'm getting better at not abandoning a painting just because I didnt finish it in a timely manner.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Morning at the Beach


This was the first painting from last weekends camping trip. The mornings are beautiful on Thunder Bay. Michigan Up North. I'm sure we will miss them sometimes.
Spent this day in my studio boxing up and throwing out. I've had a lot of interests over the years. I was at one times serious about fiber art. All aspects. Quilting, dyeing, batik, knitting anything else
 having to do with  fiber arts. All those supplies gone--- mostly donated. Today I had to pry my wax pot and batik tools out of my hand to place it in the dumpster pile. I was sad Must keep painting.
Does anyone need a good loom???

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thunder Bay, Again


Had a great weekend camping on Thunder Bay near Alpena, Michigan. We were very nostalgic because it is our last time before we move out of state. But, we have to look forward to other trips in other parts of the country. Actually, the great time comes from being with my husband, hanging together, good laughs and closeness. From a landscape artists point of view, the eastern side of Michigan is not that scenic. The towns are small and really depressed. Not much to capture the attention of tourists. Very few restaurants have fresh interesting food. It's biscuits and gravy, and large portions of fried stuff.
I did paint twice which, for me, was a bonus. My shoulder continues to heal. I could keep up the therapy exercises even out of town. Painting is getting easier every day.