Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer 2016


I am recovering from a total shoulder replacement. It's been a crazy year so far. I can't believe how focused on my painting I  was last  year. This was it. Finally, I would have my time to paint forever. I got the domain thing, started the blog, figured out the whole online selling and even sold one painting. And then, since the first of this year, it's been one life event after another. Husband almost dying, finding and buying a new house in Florida. Packing. Selling (not Accomplished as yet). Garage sale. And now, shoulder surgery.
I'm trying to get back to painting. I've been amazed how low energy I've been since the operation. I draw most days. This painting was from last week. By the time I took all my stuff to the garden to paint, I was almost too tired towork. It's a half-assed effort I know. Looks like I was on drugs which I was not.
These red lillies were a gift frim my Dad--- one bulb. He gave me a bag with one of five different colors. Finally there's a stand of each of them. I want to remember these forever. Do they grow in Florida???

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