Friday, June 17, 2016

View from the Kitchen



   This is plein air from my new Kitchen window. I painted it in the after noon while it was raining but this is what I saw at  8 am.  Florida is  quite different from Michigan. It is raining almost every day but in short blasts and then the sun shines again. Not dark days in a row like Mich. We are having a great time working on the new house. I will hate to go back to our old one on Monday
   Yesterday my dear daughter came and trimmed these palm trees She did a hell of a job, they look great!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hensell in the AM


   It was such a beautiful morning last Saturday. I had to try to express how I felt looking at these shadows. Calm and sparkling. I'm sure I will miss views like this occasionally. But I am really looking forward to living in Florida. And we're making progress toward the move. Last week we had a garage sale and sold a lot of things that piled up over the years' Nothing like a move to help get rid of STUFF. And we may have a buyer for our house. So maybe by the end of August........

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Annual Big Iris Painting

   I haven't painted in 20 days. I think it's the longest time since I started a year ago. And I have missed it. We had a garage sale the last 3 days and I set up in my garage and painted during the slow times. The lighting was terrible and after awhile I was just painting without looking even at the still life. But I like how this turned out and I learned something to add to my process.Rely on your brain more!