Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's A Dog


   It was a beautiful day today. I took this pic this in Fenton this morning. I have no idea what kind of dog this is.  I could barely see it in the sunlight and the reference photo wasn't any better. I'm sure I can do better than this sometime. On the plus side, I tried to put a little bit of a face on this lady and that's a first. I like it!
   I haven't painted in a few days because, as I said, we bought a new house and we have lots to do to sell the one we live in. This week we burned brush and just stuff that tends to accumulate when you live in the country and have been there for a long time. I've been going through our things to find out what we really need. I'm going to have a garage sale next month and that's a lot of work. I hope I can stay committed to painting despite this big new adventure.


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