Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's A Dog


   It was a beautiful day today. I took this pic this in Fenton this morning. I have no idea what kind of dog this is.  I could barely see it in the sunlight and the reference photo wasn't any better. I'm sure I can do better than this sometime. On the plus side, I tried to put a little bit of a face on this lady and that's a first. I like it!
   I haven't painted in a few days because, as I said, we bought a new house and we have lots to do to sell the one we live in. This week we burned brush and just stuff that tends to accumulate when you live in the country and have been there for a long time. I've been going through our things to find out what we really need. I'm going to have a garage sale next month and that's a lot of work. I hope I can stay committed to painting despite this big new adventure.


Friday, April 15, 2016

Farmers Market

People again. This try went very well, I think. The legs are still a little too short but it's a real improvement over the first try which I threw out. A farmers market (this ones in Flint, Michigan) is a great place to practice people. You can buy some food, sit and draw to your hearts content. And take pics.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016



   I really love this. Sorry for the glare. I didn't spend any time photographing it.( Did it on my cell phone) I have a new feeling when I approach a painting. In the past, I took photos of the still life and put them on my monitor. The last few paintings I have just looked at the set up. It's a very different feeling. More like plein air. There's a vibe you get from viewing the thing. You tap into it and translate it into image in paint. That's all I'll say about this. So I  don't seem like a nut.
   This is the smallest painting I have ever done.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Michigan Spring


   I painted this yesterday from my studio window. The whole day was unusual. A little sun, a little snow. I had to paint the shadow off and on in the afternoon because it kept disappearing. Today I'm looking at an inch and a half  of snow since about 9am this morning that is rapidly turning to slush. Crazy weather this year.
   I finished the duvet top I was  working on today. Yeah me. It's always nice to accomplish a big task in a short amount of time. On to the backside.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring's Here



These daffodils survived last night's snow. I mean really??? It's April for god's sakes. They're the first spring flowers around here. I had fun with these. Much easier than last years versions.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016



I've been sidetracked from painting this week. Partly because the weather continues to be nasty, cold and rainy. I can't think of one thing to paint. And it's really bothering me. I can't push myself to paint. SO-- in the meantime, I'm making a duvet for our bed at the new house when we move later this year. I like lots of color, red sofas, orange walls and purple pillows. (Not all in the same room.) I think turquoise is a great Florida color. And purple, lime green, red and fuchsia. And blue. I've made lots of quilts in my life. I can't take that much time from painting. This is simply pieced, will have a zipper at the bottom and be filled with a great Ikea poly comforter.

Saturday, April 2, 2016



This painting is from a pic I took last summer in Cheboygan, MI. We were there on a camping trip. I challenged myself to paint this in two hours. I've found out that the time limit helps to focus on what was interesting in the scene and edit out the parts that are irrelevant. It makes a simpler, looser painting. I really like the finished piece but if I didn't I could just wipe it off and forget about it. I'm going to try this again.