Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Alice In Wonderland

"Alice In Wonderland", 24"x20", oil on panel

Yesterday I worked for several hours on a painting which I realized was an absolute dud. It's aggravating when you put time in on a work that doesn't pan out. It was an arrangement of gourds with a gargoyle I won in a white elephant game years ago. Once again, the idea was better than reality. I'm going to do it again because I love the gargoyle.  
So, tonight I am posting a painting I've been working on for the last week. Unfinished but close. The annual LARGE aster  painting. Below, is an unfinished work from five years ago. Started after my Father died, the idea was a vanitas in commemoration of him. Maybe I'll take it to my class tomorrow and get help to finish it.

Unfinished, 30"x23", pastel on watercolor paper

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