Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Au Sable 2

This painting is a nightmare but I learned a lot. I painted it from a pic I took canoeing on the Au Sable river in northern Michigan. I finished it yesterday, stood back and eesh it was really dark. THEN I remembered something I read recently about working from pics. The camera always makes shadows too dark.  Also, Photoshop can adjust this problem so I tried it. It works.That's the first thing I learned. 2. Yes I can rework a painting the next day because I started painting with medium and the paint flows better (also a new to me concept). 3.I HATE reworking a painting. Or even really working on a painting very hard. That's why I have so much unfinished stuff.
I am glad this photo looks better on an android device than my computer. The laptop image is garish. I promised myself if I stick to this and get to 50 or 60 paintings I'll invest in lighting. Both for working, still life setups and photographing. I heard it makes a big difference. Really?
The Au Sable River is very beautiful as are all the bigger rivers in Northern Michigan. This one is slow moving. Every turn has surprising  views of light and shadow  because there are hills on both sides in most places.

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