Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wrapping It Up

What can I say? Today was a bust. I tried to paint a  poppy from my garden and nothing worked. They're simple, only six petals. I've tried them before but they have a quality that's hard to grasp.The color seems to glow, can anyone ever represent it in paint?
     I'm running out of things to post because it's finally time to garden here and there's lots to do. Even though I'm trying to stay focused on painting, some things can't be avoided. Like planting and weeding and moving wood chips. But, I started this blog to get me to paint. The best I can say today is at least what I did is FINISHED. I'm going to try quick studies tomorrow and see what happens.
My palette being scraped after a failed day of painting.


  1. I love the look of your scraped palette-looks like Birch trees.

    1. Actually, sometimes accidents are surprisingly good. Like monoprints. Slap paint on glass and press paper on it and you never know what comes out. Thank you for your gomment. Judith

  2. Quite a beautiful painting for a "bust " of a day! So nice --JL