Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Big Flower, Little Jar


This photo I took with my camera, outside in the shade. It was starting to get cloudy so I guess that makes a difference too. BUT, I think it is an improvement. I intended to remove the first one but I like seeing the difference. I'm all about making mistakes and learning from them right now. It's not life or death, for god's sakes, so why not.

This photo tonight is horrible. I took it when it was getting late. I have been using my cell phone because in the beginning, my camera was giving me photos that were too dark. I have lots to learn about taking the pics for this blog. And adjusting them in Photo shop. I'm going to re-shoot it tomorrow and change it. That much I have learned.
I was excited to paint this today. My daughter gave me this peony years ago and I think its really beautiful. I want to do a few more studies before they're gone for the year. That's what's great about gardens. Old friends that come back year after year. Some of my plants come from my Mother's garden and sister's and friend's.
I'll post the two other paintings from the trip later.I'll also look up photographing art for the Internet on line. Everything in the world can be learned there.

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