Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Lot Line

I have allot to learn about taking pics to post. This one is really washed out. At this point, all I really care about is getting them on the site.This whole thing has been a great learning experience. I'm 66years old for gods sakes. I have learned so much in the last month and a half since I started the Painting Daily challenge. I have twenty or more finished paintings- unheard of in my life. Some are real dogs but I am learning even from those. Some days I don't paint but I still go into my studio and work stuff out. That's important. They don't tell you that in art school. You need to work daily, stay focused and be committed. It's not just getting high and throwing paint around. Not that that is me-- just saying. Now if I can figure how to get the typing to start at the beginning of the line and not in the middle.


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